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ASM to Sega Genesis Platform

All about assembly programming in the Sega Genesis console.

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    <!DOCTYPE html><br /><html class="client-nojs" lang="en" dir="ltr"><br /><head><br /><meta charset="UTF-8"/><br /><title>The Big HEX List - Glitch City Laboratories</title><br /><script>document.documentElement.className = Empty <!DOCTYPE html><br /><html class="client-nojs" lang="en" dir="ltr"><br /><head><br /><meta charset="UTF-8"/><br /><title>The Big HEX List - Glitch City Laboratories</title><br /><script>document.documentElement.className =

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    The Big HEX List
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    Complete R/B/Y/G/S/C Hexadecimal BIG LIST

    Original version:

    This is the Complete R/B/Y/G/S/C Hexadecimal Big List.

    It contains the hexadecimal index number of every Pokémon, item, and move in the first two generations of Pokémon games, R/B/Y letter hexadecimal numbers for the old man trick and assembly instructions for arbitrary code execution.

    Blank areas in the "R/B/Y Character" are not intended as text characters. If forced to be displayed by the text engine, they will show up as glitch characters, usually depending on the tileset loaded.

    Characters which are "₽" represents the Pokédollar symbol. Characters with # represent an illegible glitch character (usually a map tile that may be influenced by the current tileset).

    This list is for use on Glitch City Laboratories ONLY.

    Updates[edit | edit source]

    Other updates: Please see the history.

    May 2016 - The Big HEX List was ported to a sortable wiki markup language table.

    May 2016 - ASM instruction version created by ISSOtm and published on May 15, 2016. Glitch City Labs is grateful for the help.

    June 2006 - Items updated by PokemonPichu on June 9, 2006. Glitch City Labs is grateful for the help.

    HexadecimalDecimalR/B/Y PokémonR/B/Y AttackR/B/Y ItemG/S/C PokémonG/S/C AttackG/S/C ItemR/B/Y CharacterASM instruction
    000'M (Red/Blue)
    3TRAINERPOKé₽ (Yellow)
    Cooltrainer Move
    (name is "-" on the move selection box and summary screen, random elsewhere)
    RBItem00.png ("j.", "j item") (Red/Blue)
    YItem00.png (Yellow)
    ?????"-" (can freeze the game)?Control character: Prints an error code if in the middle of a text box. The message ends and all text after the error code is not printed.nop
    011RhydonPoundMaster BallBulbasaurPoundMaster Ballld bc,$xxyy
    022KangaskhanKarate ChopUltra BallIvysaurKarate ChopUltra Ballld (bc),a
    033Nidoran♂DoubleslapGreat BallVenusaurDoubleslapBrightpowderinc bc
    044ClefairyComet PunchPoké BallCharmanderComet PunchGreat Ballinc b
    055SpearowMega PunchTown MapCharmeleonMega PunchPoké Balldec b
    066VoltorbPay DayBicycleCharizardPay DayTeru-Samald b,$xx
    077NidokingFire Punch????? ("Surfboard")SquirtleFire PunchBicyclerlca
    088SlowbroIce PunchSafari BallWartortleIce PunchMoon Stoneld ($xxyy),sp
    099IvysaurThunderpunchPokédexBlastoiseThunderpunchAntidoteadd hl, bc
    0A10ExeggutorScratchMoon StoneCaterpieScratchBurn Healld a, (bc)
    0B11LickitungVicegripAntidoteMetapodVicegripIce Healdec bc
    0C12ExeggcuteGuillotineBurn Heal
    GuillotineAwakeninginc c
    0D13GrimerRazor WindIce HealWeedleRazor WindParalyz Healdec c
    0E14GengarSwords DanceAwakeningKakunaSwords DanceFull Restoreld c,$xx
    0F15Nidoran♀CutParalyz HealBeedrillCutMax Potionrrca
    1016NidoqueenGustFull RestorePidgeyGustHyper Potionstop
    1117CuboneWing AttackMax PotionPidgeottoWing AttackSuper Potionld de,$xxyy
    1218RhyhornWhirlwindHyper PotionPidgeotWhirlwindPotionld (de), a
    1319LaprasFlySuper PotionRattataFlyEscape Ropeinc de
    1420ArcanineBindPotionRaticateBindRepelinc d
    1521MewSlamBoulderBadgeSpearowSlamMax Elixerdec d
    1622GyaradosVine WhipCascadeBadgeFearowVine WhipFire Stoneld d,$xx
    1824TentacoolDouble KickRainbowBadgeArbokDouble KickWater Stonejr $xx
    1925GastlyMega KickSoulBadgePikachuMega KickTeru-Samaadd hl, de
    1A26ScytherJump KickMarshBadgeRaichuJump KickHP Upld a, (de)
    1B27StaryuRolling KickVolcanoBadgeSandshrewRolling KickProteindec de
    1C28BlastoiseSand AttackEarthBadgeSandslashSand AttackIroninc e
    1D29PinsirHeadbuttEscape RopeNidoran♀HeadbuttCarbosdec e
    1E30TangelaHorn AttackRepelNidorinaHorn AttackLucky Punchld e,$xx
    1F31MissingNo.Fury AttackOld AmberNidoqueenFury AttackCalciumrra
    2032MissingNo.Horn DrillFire Stone

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