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All about assembly programming in the Sega Genesis console.

    Status of Users in the Sonic Hacking Community (looooooong list)


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    Status of Users in the Sonic Hacking Community (looooooong list) Empty Status of Users in the Sonic Hacking Community (looooooong list)

    Post  Jdpense Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:16 pm

    Active Users
    Iso Kilo
    Nat the Porcupine
    Aurora Fields
    MainMemory - Only mostly involved with SADX and SA2 PC Modding
    CodeNameGamma - Mostly with Mania and 3D Mods
    E-122-Psi - Mostly on Retro

    DevEd - I have seen him on the communities' Discord on the occasion, but not so much on the forums
    StoneBanana - He WAS inactive for while, but suddenly came back
    MikeBerry - I've only seen him post on SSRG recently
    djhoe - he's only on IRC chats

    Semi-Active/Barely-Active Users
    NeoFusionBox - I've hardly seen him do anymore with his hacks
    Spanner - Occasionally active on SSRG and Retro, but only primary for promoting SHC
    Donnie - Only ever active during SHC
    Ordos Alpha - I don't see post on the forums anymore, but I'm PRETTY sure he still manages SSRG
    RedhotSonic - Busy with life, has a family, YT channels, and job to manage etc
    SuperEgg - I don't see much on the forums anymore
    MegaGWolf - probably burned out on Sonic Hacking
    Clownacy - I hardly seen him around at all
    StephenUK - Not too sure, but I think he mentioned about a health problem he was struggling
    Cinssou - Busy with job
    Xeal - mostly active on Discord
    LJSTAR - only during SHC with his projects
    GerbilSoft - only for occasionally management
    Varion - similar reasons to other oldbies of the community
    Yami - discord
    Pantufa the Cat
    Sewer16 (or that sewerguy)
    RadioTails - the entitled snob lol
    JoeNickROS - He'd probably be inactive soon
    Lone Devil - only for his projects, he's also beginning to lose his interest in Sonic
    CHRdutch - only for his project
    GenesisDoes - only for his project
    Mr Cat
    Selbi - Hardly seen him anymore

    Inactive Users
    Electroball - ROM hacking was never fun for her (from what she said)
    BinBowie/Bakayote - got bored of it I guess
    Ralakimus - Personal life problems and he left the internet and it's entirety forever
    Ezequiel Matias - was banned multiple times and left for being bashed by members there
    SonicVaan - Got sick of the toxicity of the community and it's elitism (TBH, I don't blame at all for his decision)
    Unlimited Trees - I got sick and tired of his hacks not getting the recognition and feedback they deserve (I feel ya man, and I still root ya UT <3)
    MarkeyJester - I don't see him around at all anymore (tho I could be wrong)
    Panito - personal life issues
    FireRat - got revoked for the problems and infamous issues that he brought on to the community
    Eduardo Knuckles - similar reason
    JayJayurkin - I've only seen him on SSRG discord, but prolly got banned or left on his own terms
    RoyaMellow - prolly got tired of being ripped on by the "knowbetter" peeps or biased/nitpicky people who didn't like his style of writing  
    Luigixhero - became the whinny soreass (While he does have good points that I can agree with, but can also sometimes rip and pin fault on the wrong ppl)
    Asurho the Badger
    ThomasSpeedRunner - left for Undertale modding (I believe)
    VegaLTE - left for the war
    Abyssal Leopard
    Other Admins of SSRG forums (oddly)

    I know there are plenty more I can list, but this all I know at the top of my head, if I have the need to change something I will update this (via my signature)

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    Status of Users in the Sonic Hacking Community (looooooong list) Empty Re: Status of Users in the Sonic Hacking Community (looooooong list)

    Post  Ravenfreak Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:01 pm

    I'm going to try to get a hack out at some point this year, but that's the keyword try. I tend to focus on working on my disassemblies in private which is why you rarely see me post about hacks/hacking tbh. Recently Sonic Drift has caught my attention again and I managed to find a error handler. Interesting enough it's the only Game Gear sonic game that has one I think. It's very basic though, it just displays "CHECK CARTRIDGE" and reverts back to the Sega screen. xD I'm compiling a hacking guide for Retro's wiki and will eventually get around to documenting the error handler on the wiki too. Probably sometime this weekend I'm going to add it.

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