ASM to Sega Genesis Platform

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ASM to Sega Genesis Platform

All about assembly programming in the Sega Genesis console.

    Welp, I'm pretty much jobless now...


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    Welp, I'm pretty much jobless now... Empty Welp, I'm pretty much jobless now...

    Post  Jdpense Wed Feb 21, 2024 9:57 am

    Welp, a couple weeks ago I got fired from my job in Software Engineering pretty much due to the company needing to cutback on staff on bench. Actually firstly, my contract ended with my client company by the end of 2023, which I was sent back to bench, and the reason my client didn't renew my contract was due to an issue with their budget, so they needed to cut back on staff. And then after being on the bench, my main company wasn't able to find a new client for me to work for, and they also needed to reduce the number of people on bench (which I guess was also probably due to budget issue). Well I did at least end with making 82K annual before losing it all.

    Guess Squidtard was fucking right after all, I am worthless and replaceable smh

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