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    Sonic NaoSI (based on STHOSP 0.07)


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    Sonic NaoSI (based on STHOSP 0.07)

    Post  CoolSpot. on Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:56 am

    Sonic NaoSI (based on STHOSP 0.07).

    -Game translated into russian;
    -New Title Cards font;
    -New HUD (from Sonic 3);
    -New palette (dynamic);
    -New Credits font (from Sonic 2);
    -New Sega Screen Sound;
    -REV01 Background Effects;
    -Added Press Start Button text, translated into russian;
    -Jump Dash
    -Deleted Spike Bug
    -12 hits on the boss
    -Fixed Walk-Jump Bug (by Cinossu);
    -Deleted Speed Cap (by Tweaker & Puto);
    -Level Select from Sonic 2 (by Esrael), translated into russian;
    -New music (1 song per act, 1 song per boss, 1 song per special stage);
    -You can play with the Sonic or with the Tails, each with their own skills;
    -The transformations of Super and Hyper is accessible for both characters;
    -Monitors 'S' and monitors Eggman reprogrammed, now monitors Eggman cause damages and monitors 'S' transforms the character in Hyper and add 50 rings;
    -Mode "ITEM S ONLY", where all monitors become monitors of the type 'S';
    -Sound driver for PCM musics, single music of the game in PCM is the number B7 in the sound test, Canterbury Plains of Top Gear 2;
    -Time Attack edited only for levels;
    -Support for SRAM, which allows save the game and the Time Attack;
    -Some menus of the Sonic 2;
    -Original Mode with levels and músics of Sonic 1;
    -Sonic Boom and Super Cavitation;
    -After Image (by Selbi);
    -New Buzzbomber Sprite;

    Skills for both characters

    Jump - The character jumps normally
    Spindash - Impulse that the character leaves Rolling
    Slow Spindash - Same as Spindash but slowly
    Spin Boost - Spindash snapshot with the same speed of Slow Spindash
    Rolling the Sonic/Tails is in foot - When is rolling, the character will in foot instantly

    Sonic's Skills

    Jump Down - Extra jump downward (-1 rings)
    Homing Attack - Extra jump toward the enemy
    JumpDash - A impulse in air, playing Sonic forward
    Chrono Attack - Stop the Time and add 20 seconds when it finishes executing the skill
    Super Peelout - A impulse faster than Spindash where Sonic rushes, but tends to expect, less if is Super or Hyper, how much longer you wait, more faster Sonic will run
    Shoryuken - Jump with a trail of fire in the hand of the Sonic

    Tails' Skills

    Tails Fly - Flight Upward
    Tails Fly Down - Flight downward
    Swim Tails - Swim upward
    Swim Tails Down - Swim downward




    All work by Cool-Spot;
    STHOSP features by OuricoDoido;
    After Image by Selbi;

    Special Thanks:
    Doctor Robotnik;

    [url= NaoSI.rar]Download[/url]


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