ASM to Sega Genesis Platform

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ASM to Sega Genesis Platform

All about assembly programming in the Sega Genesis console.

    I hate the manosphere and blackpiller men


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    I hate the manosphere and blackpiller men Empty I hate the manosphere and blackpiller men

    Post  Jdpense Sun Nov 27, 2022 10:57 pm

    Why? Because it consists of a bunch of 40 year old (or naïve "woke" Gen-Z) loser men, who only think that a man's value in life is only measured by how much sex he can get from the opposite gender/sex. Otherwise they will chastise you, and call you an incel because you don't prioritize dating people in your life. They also tend to only view women as sex objects with their whole "lay/body count", which implies that they only perceive women as toys and not people, which is just a childish/immature way of viewing women and general human relationships. They also tend to believe that relationships are only about sex and "attraction" (for blackpillers it's physical attraction solely thru "genetics" and their retarded autistic shit measurements/standards they made up, which they consider to be outside of your control to fix btw), which I think is total bullshit. Relationships have far more value than just sex. There's a thing called "common bonds/ interests" or things that people can relate to in many ways, hence ya know why it's even called a "relation-ship" in the first place.

    I would also like to point out that blackpillers are just immature menchildren who can't handle someone disagreeing with the blackpill beliefs without them going batshit insane and only retorting with "HAHAH you're just coping" or "You're just delusional" when they are have no arguments to be made.

    I hate the manosphere and blackpiller men 1f3a4 I hate the manosphere and blackpiller men 1f6ac

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