ASM to Sega Genesis Platform

All about assembly programming in the Sega Genesis console.

BBCode Guide

What is BBCode?
Text Formatting
How to create bold, italic, underlined and striked text
How to change the text colour or size
Can I combine formatting tags?
Quoting and outputting fixed-width text
Quoting text in replies
Outputting code or fixed width data
Generating lists
Creating an Un-ordered list
Creating an Ordered list
Creating Links
Linking to another site
Showing images in posts
Adding an image to a post
Text positioning
Insert media into messages
Add a flash animation to a message
Add a movie to a message
Create a table in a message
Scrolling text
Make a message scroll horizontally
Make a message scroll vertically
Appearance BBcodes
Insert a lign
Put in index or in exposure
Effects BBcodes
Misc BBcodes
Obtain a random number
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